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How Can We Control the Spread of Covid-19?

 Covid-19 is a pandemic that has engulfed the whole world in its grip at present. Simply referred to as Corona virus, it is a deadly respiratory infection that causes several symptoms in the victim that usually appear after 2-14 days of catching the infection. These symptoms are dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, body aches, and fatigue. In many patients, Corona virus remains asymptomatic which means that they do not exhibit any of the symptoms associated with the virus and yet serve as deadly carriers of the virus for the rest of the population.

 How does Corona virus spread?

Corona virus is a highly infectious disease that can be easily spread by an infected individual through coughing or sneezing. The droplets coming out of the mouth and nose of the infected individual can easily infect other people coming in his contact. Also, these droplets containing virus can remain active for hours on various surfaces and infect others who touch them. 

Prevention is the only cure

The world has not been able to develop a vaccine for this deadly virus that has claimed more than hundred thousand lives across the world so far. Prevention is the only cure for Corona virus at the moment. Even though this virus mostly affects older individuals and those with a weak immunity, news of young men and women catching this infection has increased the worries of government around the world. Even the most powerful and resources countries are finding themselves helpless in front of this massive health crisis. The cases of European countries like Italy, Spain, France, U.K. Germany etc are there for everyone to see. The latest epicenter of Corona virus is the U.S where number of positive people has cross the figure of half a million and the death toll has surpassed that of Italy with thousands dying every day in the country. 

To stop the spread of Corona virus, nearly a third of the human population around the world is under lockdown. Governments are forcing people to remain indoors as they are afraid number of cases of Covid-19 patients will increase exponentially in they are allowed to roam and interact with each other freely. This step to force people to stay in their homes is a master stroke as this virus will not enter homes and thus the population will remain safe from this virus. However, forcing people to stay inside their homes can backfire as economy comes to a grinding halt and people living below the poverty line start to die from hunger instead of virus. Here are some simple steps to spread the spread of deadly Corona virus.

Wash hands frequently with soap and water

Corona virus is alive but it cannot move like other organisms. It is actually a molecule of protein covered with a layer of fat. It needs suitable environment of a host to multiply and spread. You can destroy the virus molecule by frequently washing your hands. As fat comes in contact with soap, it is destroyed instantly. If using a sanitizer, make sure that it contains at least 60% alcohol. 

Avoid touching your face and eyes with your hands

Corona virus goes inside the body of a human being from his eyes, nose and throat. Do not touch your face with your hands. 

Disinfect surfaces and items that can be touched 

As Corona virus can remain alive for hours on various surfaces, it is important to disinfect surfaces that may be touched by people. 

Wear a mask when going out

By wearing a mask, you protect yourself from droplets coming out of the mouth and nose of the infected people. Wear hand gloves so that you do not catch infection from surfaces. If you have to cough or sneeze, do so into your own elbow. 


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