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Apple Iphone 15 May Be Cheaper Than Its Predecessor

 f a product is loved by the consumers, it is logical for its upgrade to be more expensive. But the reports coming out through insiders reveal a strange fact that iPhone 15 may be cheaper than iPhone 14. It is a pleasant surprise for diehard fans of iPhones. Though there is no confirmation of this rumor by Apple customer care, the news has spread like wildfire. 2023 might be a lucky year for loyal fans as they can finally lay their hands on a brand-new iPhone at prices that are within their budget. 

In a recent blog, one of the most popular industry insiders said that tech giant Apple has been badly shaken by the lukewarm response it got from customers to iPhone 14. The smartphone from Apple fared badly after its launch. The company is trying to defend poor sales of iPhone 14 citing supply chain obstacles and restrictions imposed by the Chinese government in the wake of the outbreak of Covid-19. No amount of justification can hide the fact that the iPhone 14 has become the worst-performing iPhone in the history of the company. Despite robust iPhone support in place, Apple has no option but to aggressively slash the prices of its next smartphone, namely the iPhone 15. 

Insiders say that the management explored many options. But it doesn’t want to take a risk with iPhone 15 as it can make or break the company’s fortunes. After all, it is not the customers but also the investors who have huge stakes in the Cupertino-based tech giant. So the company has finally decided that slashing the prices of its new smartphone is the best way forward, at least for now. Apple support iPhone cumber has chosen to keep mum on this issue. 

Shaken by the poor response of the public to the iPhone 14, the most probable Apple strategy for iPhone 15 is to make it affordable. It would help the company in attracting hundreds of thousands of customers currently using medium-level Android smartphones to its fold. By keeping the entry point cheaper, Apple can hold onto its affluent consumers by giving them the option of a pricier iPhone 15 Pro smartphone. 

On the one hand, Apple is planning to attract millions of new customers to its fold by slashing the prices of its new smartphone. And on the other hand, there are reports that it is all set to launch its most expensive iPhone to date in the form of the iPhone 15 Ultra. In any case, it is going to be a win-win situation for both the customers as well as the company. If you have always dreamt of owning an iPhone but resisted the temptation because of a high price tag, the all-new iPhone 15 is like a dream come true for you. 

If you don’t care about price, you will have the option to buy iPhone 15 Ultra, the most advanced iPhone for photography enthusiasts. It is packed with Periscope technology that allows capturing far away objects with ease.  More Information: mail | Satang Pro


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